Grateful for being laid off my job?

Perspective is often the only thing we can control…

Well, not quite grateful (yet), but you will see what I mean. Just this past week, I was enjoying the benefits of working from home when I received an e-mail stating that 12 people in our organization would be laid off. I began to feel a little cold, remembering that my supervisor was coming to my house the next day to bring paperwork. When she had said this initially, it stuck in the back of my brain, but being the optimist that I am, I didn’t want to think anything of it.

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My supervisor showed up promptly at 9:30 am, as she had mentioned. She was bringing me a birthday present (how many supervisors really do that?), but tucked under her arm, I saw a packet. I knew what that meant. We sat down at the table and she asked me if I had read my e-mail that morning. I nodded and asked her knowingly if that is what the packet is? She said, “yes,” through her tears. In that moment, I was in shock and though I had seen the severe budget cuts and need for even more cuts, I really thought some of the people making more money would be cut first.

The layoff is supposedly based upon seniority in a couple of different positions. I made a conscious decision not to fight this, even though one person in my position has been doing the job a month less than I have… Her name wasn’t on that list! However, there is no room for bitterness in optimism and I am an optimist, even in difficult times. If the organization remembers me in the future, they can say that I am leaving with grace and as the professional that I have always been.

My supervisor told me how much she appreciates me (and that means a lot). She is going to write me a glowing letter of recommendation and I know that I am going to find an amazing job!

The bottom line is that we have choices in how we view incidents that occur in our lives. You will notice this next sentence from the top because it is worth repeating… Our perspective is often the only thing we can control!

I am choosing to know that there is something better (and more lucrative) for me out there. After all, this incident has already inspired me to start blogging again after SEVEN years of a blogging writer’s block. That alone is one huge positive! I found another positive in the fact that they could have given me less notice. I was given more than a month’s notice and I have an opportunity to enter a re-employment program. That is three positives from something that could easily been construed as negative. That completes my three “gratitudes” for today. Now, back to “re-vamping” my resume.

Thank you for reading!

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