Mind Mastery for Life Improvement

Today, I am going to relay small portions of my own life story with regard to mind mastery and The Law of Attraction. The reason I am telling this story is so you can see how it is working in your own life. I’m not better than anyone else in this world; if I can improve my life, you can too!

As a teen, I remember thinking how frightening it would be as a single parent; for some unknown reason, it became something I feared. When I married young and became pregnant soon after (my husband altered the birth control— but that is a different story), Law of Attraction was enacted as a result of my focus on fear. After a tumultuous pregnancy, I gave birth to a beautiful baby whom I began to love long before she was born.

After 5 years, my marriage ended. My ex wasn’t involved in my daughter’s life… In hindsight, she and I both agreed that was for the best. But, I was on my own to raise a baby and deal with debt incurred by my spouse. Then, my mother died. I dropped out of college (2 classes and 2 finals short of my paralegal certificate). My plan had been to attend law school; I had already been accepted and I wasn’t interested in being a paralegal. Without full-time child care, I didn’t see how I could work and attend law school successfully. Some of you are thinking, “Oh good, one less lawyer in this world!” ha ha

Because I was so fearful of being a single parent, I attracted someone who wouldn’t stick around in my life or my daughter’s, making my fear a self-fulfilling prophesy. When I became aware, I had guilt about this for years, but ultimately realized that feeling guilty couldn’t resolve anything that had already happened; it only kept me in a dark place where I had resided long enough. My thought processes attracted a great deal of negativity, but I learned that it isn’t what you experience in life, but how you experience it. Furthermore, as an adult, my daughter told me that I was all she needed. She had often jokingly referred to me as “MamaDad” and I had the benefit of receiving Father’s Day cards in addition to Mother’s Day cards.

This next portion explains how The Law of Attraction has been working in my life now. For a more recent example of how this has been working in my life, read my blog post, “ Grateful to Be Laid Off My Job?

In September of 2018, I experienced an “unknown exposure” to something toxic that caused severe respiratory distress; I almost died. Even when I was hardly breathing, I found something to be grateful for. At times, I was grateful for 3 seconds when I could catch my breath. Other times, I was grateful that I didn’t feel like I was going to black out when I stood up or that I was able to sleep for a solid hour without gasping for air. Yes, those are things that most of us take for granted, but because I focused on the positive, I allowed room for more of it in my life. My experiences and other people’s experiences have taught me that focusing on the negative only allows more of the same in my life!

Even though my doctor couldn’t help beyond pumping me full of steroids and breathing treatments, I became my own advocate as soon as I could think clearly. (Initially, I wasn’t getting enough oxygen to my brain). I found natural medicine that had been proven to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of people. Within two days of taking it, I was already on the road to recovery.

Fears Conquered…

I’ve conquered my greatest fears of single-parenting, responsibility for my ex-husband’s debts, my mother’s death, a career without a degree, inability to breathe and so much more! These events were traumatic, but, over time, I learned a powerful lesson in each instance. I already mentioned my path to conquering my respiratory issues. Regarding the single parenting, I became “MamaDad,” a force to be reckoned with. ha ha For the ex-husband’s debts, I got a second job and paid them off! A couple of years after my mother died, I realized that I could never be as strong as I am if she were alive; she was always the strongest woman I had ever known and I couldn’t have competed. Now, I am the strongest woman I know. Regarding the lack of a degree, it doesn’t define me. I decided a while back that I wouldn’t want to work anywhere that discriminated because of a piece of paper. Having read a lot of open online courses through MIT, “sat in on” many doctor’s webinars in addition to my vast life experiences, I have equal knowledge to some with degrees and more than others. I don’t have a competitive nature; my competition has always been myself.

How is The Law of Attraction and mind mastery working in your life? Is there one (or more) things in your life that can change with a simple shift in focus?

As always, thank you for taking the time to read!

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