About the Writer

My name is Monique Orrante.  I have been writing almost my entire life and have been published under pseudonyms years ago.  As a writer, it has been challenging for me to emerge as my authentic self, but that is what I am doing now (one step at a time).  I am grateful to be able to put words on a page and even more grateful when I return and they are still there (to fully understand this reference, see my blog post dated 2/12/19). 

If you have any questions or don’t want to write a public comment, please reach out to me at info@summonyourspirit.com.

As always, thank you for reading!

The mascot for this site is the meditating zebra. Zebras are unique! For more information about why I chose a zebra, see my page ” Summon Your Spirit? What is this site all about?”

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