About the Writer

My name is Monique Orrante.  I have been writing almost my entire life and have been published under pseudonyms years ago.  As a writer, it has been challenging for me to emerge as my authentic self, but that is what I am doing now (one step at a time).  I am grateful to be able to put words on a page and even more grateful when I return and they are still there (to fully understand this reference, see my blog post dated 2/12/19). In 2020, I have just decided to rewrite that book that was lost.

I got away from writing again in 2019, but am returning now because I feel it is never too late to start over. In 2020, we are all dealing with this pandemic in different ways. Many people are unhappy and feeling disconnected; perhaps I can be a positive force who can add value.

My areas of expertise include, but are not limited to dating (attracting the right person into your life), dating as an empath, shifting to become a more positive “you” and employment (motivation and advice regarding applying for jobs and having a successful, memorable interview).

Regarding relationships, I have been in a committed relationship for more than a decade (we both agreed we would stop counting after the 10th year). As an empath, it was easier for me to choose to be with someone who was non-judgmental, but not an awakened empath. I will delve into this a little more in one of my blog posts “You Might Not Want To Date Yourself” that is coming soon.

With regard to employment, for more than two decades, I have coached people by helping them with resumes, encouraging them to being open to their passions and advising them about interviewing for jobs. In the past, I managed an Employment Agency, have worked as a manager and among other things worked for Employment First for 4 years.

What can you expect to see more of from me in 2020? I’m doing more writing and am again teaching myself to be disciplined.  

If you have any questions or don’t want to write a public comment, please reach out to me at info@summonyourspirit.com.

As always, thank you for reading!

The mascot for this site is the meditating zebra. Zebras are unique! For more information about why I chose a zebra, see my page ” Summon Your Spirit? What is this site all about?”

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